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what is variable in c++

Variable is a container that reserves memory from RAM according to its data type to store value. There are many types of variables. A variable must have:-

  • Name
  • Data type
  • Size
  • Value

Variable declaration in C++

The syntax of a variable declaration is below

Data-type variable-name = value that variable hold;

int number;

Variable initialization in C++

int number = 12;

Here int is data-type, number is the name of the variable, 12 is the value this variable hold and its size is 4 bytes as size of int data-type is 4 bytes.

Variable data-types (Types of Variables) and sizes

The size of a variable may be different depending on the compiler and the computer you are using. Common data types and size are given below:-

 Type         size
 char     1 byte    
 int     4 bytes
 short     2 bytes
 float 4 bytes
 double 8 bytes
 string     8 bytes
 boolean     1 byte

Write a C++ Program to check the size of any data-types. For this C++ library provides us a function sizeof(data-type) to check the size of all data types.

data type size
Data type size


data type size output
Data type size output

Declare multiple variables in one line

Multiple variables can be declared in a single line as below

int a, b, c, d;

Declare and initialize multiple variables in one line

Multiple variables can be declared and initialized in a single line as below

int a=12, b, c=4, d=12;

C++ Program to declare and initialize all data types and display output 

data types cpp


data types cpp output

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