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Google SERP features

Google search engine result pages (SERP) are the pages google shows in response of user's search query. Google searching engine (Best search engine) has introduced so many features in SERP google which improve CTR and website ranking indirectly. These features are discussed below in detail.

google serp features

Google has introduced so many features that appears in SERP results. Include these features in your website to rank your website and increase CTR.

Paid Results

Google shows advertisement on google ads by advertisers depending on user site search query at the top of google SERP. 

serp paid results
SERP paid results

Direct Answer Box

When user search is to query a pet answer, google try to find it from its own index and show it at top of SERP organic results with different design and prominent to others. 

google direct answer box
Google direct answer box

Featured Snippets

When user ask a question in google search, google show a special featured snippets at the top of organic results below paid results. It may be in the form of paragraph, numbered list or table depending on the user query. It gives the answer of user question right away. This answer comes from the web pages in google index. Difference between featured snippet and Direct Answer Box is that direct answer box answer the question without showing link of webpage. It contains answer in paragraph, title and link and may be image at right side of paragraph. There is usually only one featured snippet shown. However, under very rare cases, it can be two or more for certain user queries. 

Types of featured snippets 

Paragraph snippets
It is the most common snippet and gives direct answer of user’s question. Mostly it gives the answer of question with What 

Paragraph featured snippet
Paragraph featured snippet 

Numbered List snippets
When user looks for a set of steps to do a specific task, google shows numbered list snippet. To include it in your web page, put search query in title and answer in numbered list in description. Google shows answer of query starting with How in numbered list snippet. 

Numbered list snippet
Numbered list snippet

Bullet list snippet
It is same as numbered list snippet except headings of list items are bullets. Google shows it as answer of questions starting with Top or Best.

Bullet list snippet
Bullet list snippet

Table Snippet
When user wants to view answer in table form, google shows the data in table format. It is more clear and readable to user. 

Google table snippet
Google table snippet

Youtube snippet
Google can show a video from youtube as featured snippet. It is shown when user question can be answered in the form of video so that user can get better solution. 

Google youtube snippet
Google youtube snippet

Rich Snippets

Googel gets rich snippet from structured data / schema markup tag included in the HTML code of webpage if the site owner has added it. It is normal search results in SERP with some additional information displayed. It has higher CTR (Click through rate). You may read Schema Markup in detail here where you will learn what is schema markup? What are its advantages? Which is best structured data testing tool / snippets tool? How to generate it and include in website? 
When anyone searched to buy something, google shows SERP results with link of websites, product price and rating so that user can visit only which is offering better rate and quality rather than visiting all one by one. 

Google rich snippet
Google rich snippet

Local Pack / local listings

When user is searching for local services like doctors, restaurants, schools, google show a local listings section in search result. It contains name, location, contact and reviews above the organic results. Local SEO is performed to rank your local listings in google SERP.

local listing
Local listing

Knowledge Graph

When anything, place, person etc is being searched, google gather information from other websites and show it at right side of SERP. Google get this data form few informational site like Wikipedia. 

Google knowledge graph
Google knowledge graph

Knowledge panel

It differs from knowledge graph as here google pulls data from google index rather than from other websites. 

Image pack

When user query is about images, google shows image pack at the top of organic results from its own index. 

Google image pack
Google image pack

News Pack

If user is looking for news, google shows latest news with thumbnails 

Google news box
Google news pack

People Also Ask

This section may appear at different positions on SERP depending on the search query. It may appears at top or below paid results or organic results. It can have video results from youtube or text results with link. 

people also ask
People also ask

How we can do seo to include our website in PAA 

PAA contains title, description and H1 tag. 

  • Search few related keywords and formulate a question by Including that keywords. Now put this related question in the title of page 
  • Provide related answer in the description tag 
  • H1 should also contains same question as in title 

Your article doesn’t just answer the question but should have very detailed description.


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