Structured data OR Schema markup

Structured Data 

What is structured data / schema markup? 
How it is useful? 
Is it in your website or not? 
How to generate it? 
How to add it your website?

structured data

SEO Schema Tags make your link more informative and attractive to users in google SERP results. It increases website ranking and CTR

What is Structured data / Schema Markup

Schema markup is a type of microdata which provides important information to search engine. It is an HTML tag which gives your business name, location, detail, address etc to search engine. 

Now the question arises that why search engines ask to provide it this information? Why they don't get this information from website directly using powerful artificial intelligence algorithms? 

In fact, google have such intelligent algorithms, but remember that this artificial intelligence is not more than the intelligence of a five year old child. 

That’s why google cannot read a website like human. Human reads a webpage like this 

human read webpage
How human read webpage

Whereas search engine reads webpage like this 

search engine read webpage
How search engine read webpage

This is a long string of tags and text. It is very difficult for google to identify your business name, address, type, contact detail etc. 

So to get these information, Google, Yahoo and Bing search engine have introduced schema markups. You can include schema tags in your website to provide your desired information to search engine. 

Simple schema markup example 

Below is a simple example of schema tag

<script type="application/id+json"> 
  "@context" : "", 
  "@type": "website", 
  "name" : "Techilm", 

First line tells search engine about the information 
Second line tells that this information is about which type of property 
Third line tells the name of that property 
Forth line tells the URL of that property 

By reading this simple schema markup, search engine comes to know that this is a website, this is its name and URL. 

This schema markup have only four parameters for the sake of simplicity. However, complex schema tag can have a number of parameters. 

Why we should use it? 

Schema markup helps search engine to get property information and rank webpage. It helps the users of website to get sufficient information at SERP without visiting the actual website. 

Advantages of structured data
  • It helps the search engine to get true information about your business 
  • As you are helping search engine so in reward, search engine rank website 
  • It increases visitor acquisition as visitors can get basic information about your business at SERP 
  • How to check that your website contain schema tag or not 

How schema markup looks in SERP

Suppose, we search BrightWave Marketing, a USA marketing company in Google. Google shows below result in SERP. You can see website schema tag implemented on right side. User can view enough information here to decide whether to visit the website or not.

structured data in looks in serp
Structured data in looks in SERP

Data structured testing tool

Google have provided a very useful tool called Structured Data Testing Tool. Open it in browser, type the URL of your web page and click on RUN TEST. 

structured data testing tool
Sstructured data testing tool

You can see that BrightWave Marketing has added two schema tags (website, webpage) in website in right panel and html code in left panel. 

check structured data
Check schema tags

To view complete detail of a schema markup, click on it as below

structured data detail
Structured data in detail

Types of properties for which you can generate Schema markups 

Schema markup can be generated for following types of properties
  • Breadcrumbs 
  • FAQ page 
  • Events 
  • How to 
  • Job posting 
  • Local business 
  • Organization 
  • Person 
  • Product 
  • Recipe 
  • Video 
  • Website 
  • Restaurants 
  • Articles 
  • Book reviews
  • TV episodes 

How to generate schema markup 

Many online free schema markup generators are available using which you can generate schema tags. Most recommended by experts schema generators is Technicalseo
Go to technicalseo and follow below steps to generate schema markup 
  • Select the type of schema markup you want to generate 
  • Provide required information 
  • Copy script code 
  • Add in the head section of your website
generate rich snippet
Generate structured data

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