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Top 60 SEO Ranking Factors

Google consider almost 200 ranking factors to rank any web page. To appear your website in the first page of SERP results, optimize google SEO ranking factors in your website.

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Google SEO Ranking Factors
(1 to 15)

1. Website Loading Speed 

Google ranks the web pages load quickly. Google page speed depends on page content, hosting server, hosting packages and page code. You can read a detailed article about how to optimize website speed

2. Test website loading speed 

Website speed test can be performed at Google Page Speed Insight and GT Metrix. These tools not only identify the issues degrading website speed but also suggest solutions to fix these issues.

3. AMP Google Pages 

What is google AMP? Google AMP is accelerated mobile pages which load more quickly at mobile. Google wants every website to enable AMP. Moreover, user mostly clicks on AMP pages which increase CTR. You can check a website whether support AMP or not at Google AMP Test Page and validate AMP using Google AMP validator www.ampproject.org

4. Mobile friendly Vs mobile responsive page 

Mobile friendly website can be loaded in mobile browser. If website adjust its dimensions according to screen size than it is also responsive website. So make your website mobile friendly and mobile responsive. Your website is mobile friendly or not, can be checked at google mobile friendly tester.

5. Domain Name 

Domain name should be short, memorable, brandable, unique and descriptive. Whois is responsible for the uniqueness of domain. Cheap name as domain should be avoided.

6. Keyword in Domain name 

Business relevant keyword is better in domain name. 

7. Domain Age 

Google prefer old domain to rank as compared to new domain. Domain age can be checked online at domain age checker.

8. Domain Ownership 

Google does not prefer domains whose owner is changed more frequently. 

9. Domain History 

Google also looks domain history. If it was black listed or penalized by Google, then obviously google does not prefer it. On the other hand, if domain history was trustworthy is past, then google reward it by improving its ranking. So to choose domain name, first check its past history. Complete history of a domain can be checked at whois lookup.

10. Choose business oriented TLD 

Choose TLD suitable and relevant to your business as if your business is global than .com is better. For local business, country specific TLD is suitable like .uk. Similarly you can choose your suitable TLD from .org, .net, .edu etc. 

11. Avoid low quality TLD 

Low quality TLD’s like .biz, .info, .name, .ws should be avoided.

12. Website Security 

Google ranks https (SSL) so buy SSL certificate. It is directly declared ranking factor by google. Google shows "Not Secure" before website URL if it is on HTTP which decrease user retention.

13. Business Listing / Google Listing 

If your business is local, than do register your business in google my business. Google my business is used for supporting local business. Set your business location, type, contacts, website name etc in google my business. Google ranks your website at top for local user.

14. Website Uptime 

Google looks website uptime to rank it. Website becomes down due to poor web hosting, poor web hosting package and code error. You can register your website to Google Uptrends.com to get alerts in case of your website is down.

15. Bounce Rate 

Rate of user to leave a website from landing page is called website bounce rate. Mostly bounce rate increases due to slow loading speed and irrelevant content. More the loading speed, lesser the bounce rate. User may satisfied from content and leave page to increase bounce rate that’s why it is not harmful every time. A good bounce rate may be better for SEO.


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