Perform website audit and rank website in search engine

Website Audit 

Your website contains sufficient on-demand posts but visitors are unable to see your website on the first page of google search engine and you are not seeing the traffic that you expect. 

You are disappointed to see that your competitors have higher web page ranking on search engines even though their website have lower authority and layout is not user friendly. 

How to improve google search ranking?
How to improve SEO?
How to rank website on google?

website audit

Website audit is very important to identify and fix website issues and improve website ranking in Google

The answer is website audit at first step.

Website audit is the assessment of your site for its probability to appear in search engine result pages (SERP). Site audit is to identify all SEO issues in your website and fix them to boost the web page ranking of your website in search engine. As a result you site will get more traffic and revenue. 

You can do site audit manually, however it is recommended to get help of available online tools. Few best chrome extension website audit tools are:-
  • SeoQuake 
  • MozBar 
  • SEO Minion 
  • Tag Assistant for GTM 
  • Ahref SEO toolbar

The best tool I recommend is a chrome extension "SEO Quake". Search and install it to perform site audit automatically. 

Reload your site and you will see SEO quake small horizontal panel at top. This is a short summary of audit. 
seo quake
SEO Quake

To view detailed audit, click on Diagnosis (highlighted as red rectangle). You will see following tabs 
  • Page Info 
  • Diagnosis 
  • Internal 
  • External 
  • Density 

Page Info 

seo quake page info
SEO quake page info

Basic Info 
Basic info shows domain, meta keywords, meta description, internal and external links and server. 

You can view number of follow and nofollow internal and external links here. 

Cached data is the date of your website last indexed by google 
I indicate facebook likes 
P indicate pinterest pin count 

First four links shows total number of indexed URL of you site in google, yahoo, bing, alexa and SEMrush. You can click to view the list of indexed URL. 
Webarchieve keep on saving different version of your website time to time so that you can view any last version of your website. In case your site is crashed, even then you can get your site from webarchieve. 

Is shows number of SEMrush backlinks, subdomain backlinks and root domain backlinks 

Keyword density 
Keyword density checker shows number of time a keyword appears. According to expert, any keyword should not appear more then 2 time per 100 words. SEO Quake shows one word, two word, three word and four word keyword density in percentage and it should be less then 3%. 


It checks 22 indicators in your website and shows result at top with passed, error and warnings. Here you can optimize the indicators with errors an warning to improve SEO of website. 

seo issues diagnosis
SEO issues diagnosis


It shows total internal links with links type as text, image or form. It also shows number of follow and nofollow links separately. Click on follow to view all follow URLs and on nofollow to view all nofollow URLs. You can view all link one by one and analyze that any specific link should be follow or nofollow so that you can change if required. 

internal links
Internal links


Like internal, external tab shows external backlinks to your website with number of follow and nofollow separately. View all backlinks so that if any backlink is bad or spam then just remove it. 

external backlings
External backlings


This tab shows keyword density in detail so that if density of any particular keyword or phrase is high, you can change that keyword / phrase to reduce the keyword density.

keyword density checker
Keyword density checker

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