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A Complete step by step guide on How to Make Money by Youtube

What is Youtube?

How to earn money on youtube

Youtube is world largest playback software and second largest search engine owned by google. Like facebook, its reach is huge that’s why so many youtubers exist on youtube. Youtube not only used to watch video but it is a large marketing tool by video advertisement. You can create a high quality and attractive video, upload on youtube and it will be available to billions of people, which result of high traffic. With higher traffic, you can make more money. 

You will get answers of following questions in this detailed article.

How to earn money on youtube?

How much money do youtubers make?

How much does youtube pay?

Who is highest paid youtuber?

How to getting paid by youtube?

How to create youtube channel?

How to make money online?

How to make money fast working from home?

How to get rich?

Ways of making money from youtube

1. By showing ads on youtube channel video

It is a simple concept. Create your youtube channel. Upload a video and if people like and share it and a higher traffic come to your video, then youtube will show ads on your videos. These are paid ads by the companies. Viewer will view this ad, click it and in reward youtube will share a part of money, taken from companies, to youtubers as ads are being shown on youtuber’s videos. Now views directly relate to the channel subscribers. If your channel subscribers are higher, your video views will be higher. 

2. Merchandize Endorsement

If your content is strong and have a huge number of subscribers than so many companies will approach you to promote their products. In this way you can earn from companies directly.

3. Youtube Freelancing Jobs

  • Client will ask you to increase subscribers of his channel
  • Client wants to get high views on youtube
  • Channel management
  • Channel consultant: If you are a professional youtubers then you can share tips to client on payment.
  • Promote Video on Youtube using google ad

Why Youtube is a better earning platform?

youtube is comparatively more attractive to make money as compared to facebook or other social media platforms due to following features:-

1. Viral Marketing

If you upload a video, which people like and share to others, than your video may become viral and only one viral video can change your life. Video viral concept is introduced by youtube and youtube is the most quick plateform to viral your video.

2. Preference of Search Engine

Youtube gets more preference of google because it is owned by google. When a user put a search query in google search engine and his / her intent is to watch a video, then google prefers to show youtube video at top. As google is world largest search engine so being youtuber you have more chance to make your video viral.


Top Earning Channels

Few highest paid youtuber are following


Owner of this channel just play games and earn thousands of dollars. This channel has millions of subscribers. This is number of subscribers not viewers. There may be millions of viewers watching this channel without subscription.

He record a video by playing video games and do funny commentary. He is not only earning from google adsense by ads running but he also promotes the video games of companies on payment.

PewDiePie Channel

Mo Vlogs

Mo is the name of channel owner and Vlogs means video log. He just records luxury life in Dubai and upload on youtube. He also earns thousands of dollars. Youtube invite him on annual function where youtube announce best channels of year.

Mo Vlogs channel



This channel contains comedy related videos. Owner make drama oriented video clips and upload. His millions subscriber like his video and share. As a result he get money.

Smosh channel

Unbox Therapy

He unbox and review the electronic products. People like his casual and funny style and share his videos. He sometimes bring such products even not launched in the market. He earn from youtube and also from companies.

Unbox Therapy channel

I have explained four channels related to funny videos, gaming videos, recording of daily life and unboxing products. So many youtubers  are following these ideas and earning a handsome amount.

Why to choose youtube marketing?

1. Rich content

You can use youtube to advertise very powerful and rich video content.

2. Readiness to watch Ads

It’s a very interesting. As youtube user is already watching video so he is ready to view ads and even to click it.

3. Lesser Targeting Needs

Unlike facebook, where you have to show your ads to a targeted audience. So first you have to select your target audience. However, in case of youtube, google uses its internal algorithm to assess viewer interest and show interest based ads. So being a youtuber, you don’t need to choose your target viewers.

How to make a youtube channel?

To create TV channel you need millions of dollars, However, creating youtube channel is totally free. Follow below simple steps

  • Go to youtube and sign in with your gmail account. If you already don’t have gmail account then create new account.
  • Now hit on icon at top right corner and click on Your Channel
  • Youtube will show you two options to give your youtube channel name. By selecting first option, youtube will set your channel name same as your gmail account name. Second option is to provide the name as per your choice. Give channel name according to your niche. You can change youtube channel name later.

Customize your channel

Next step is to customize your channel as below 

  • Go to Your Channel from icon at top right corner and click on CUSTOMIZE CHANNEL
customize youtube channel

  • Select your channel icon
  • Select your channel art. YouTube recommends channel art dimensions as 2560 x 1440

youtube channel art and icon

Channel Overview

Go to Your Channel where

  • Home tab on left side will show videos based on your interest
  • Trending will show latest trending videos according to your location
  • Subscription will show the channels you have subscribed

Channel Settings 

youtube channel settings

Open Youtube Studio from top right icon and click on Settings at left bottom. A popup window will open to do channel settings as below


Select default currency 


  • Give channel keywords and country in basic info
  • In Advanced Settings, give your social media accounts to link with channel and select whether your channel is for kids or not
  • Add channel brand and water mark in Branding

Upload Defaults

Here you can set default title, description, tags and visibility of your videos. You can change them while uploading a video. Select your Channel Category carefully based on your niche, video language and comments visibility.


You can give access of your channel to others. There are four types of role you can assigned which are Manager, Editor, Viewer and Viewer (limited).

  • Manager can do everything except to delete channel
  • Editor can edit everything, delete videos or channel
  • Viewer can only view everything
  • Viewer limited can also view everything except revenue information


You can manage your community here

Select your Niche

select the niche in which you are interested. If you like humorous content then record funny videos. On the other hand, if you are a serious person then create related videos like poetry, stories. Top few niches which stand out among others are

  • Unboxing/Unwrapping
  • Let’s play/Gaming videos
  • Vlogging  Its just like blog. If you are celebrity and people like you then You tell your daily life events in the form of videos
  • Recipe/Food
  • How to’s
  • Tech Reviews
  • Top 5/10/X lists
  • Travel
  • Poems for children
  • Teaching 
  • Daily news
  • Character based
  • Story Telling
  • Comedy Related

The most important is that your content should be powerful than nobody can stop you from earning.

Upload Video

All customization and settings have been done and niche is selected. Its time of making youtube video and uploading it. You may get client project to upload video in his channel and improve reach. Follow below guidelines while publishing youtube video

  • Title should be relevant to the video content and user search query. Otherwise users will dislike the video.
  • Youtube use title, description and tags to rank your video so search most searched keywords and use them.
  • While uploading, you can set language translation and show subtitle. These subtitle are automatically translated by Google Translate. Select original language and translate into language. You can set title and description into translated language.
  • In advanced setting, select your relevant category, video location and check video statistics.

Link your channel with Google Adsense

Create google adsense account and link your channel with it. Youtube transfer your earning to your adsense account. Once your adsense amount reaches to 100 dollars, you can use different withdrawal methods to withdraw your earning. 

Youtube Ads

To enable monetization, your channel must have 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours watch time in last year. Once monetization is enabled, then youtube will start showing following ads in your videos.

Display Ads

This ad appears on right or left side out of video. It is static ad.

Overlay Ads

This ad appears as a transparent screen in front of video at bottom. It is not very popular.

Skippable and Non-skippable video ads

This is most powerful and popular ads. You have noticed that a video ad is started to play when you are watching a video. This video ad having a Skip Ad button at right side to skip the ad is called skippable ads. Other ads are not skippable having count down timer on right side. These ads disappear when time reaches to zero.

Bumper Ads

This is like overlay ads but not transparent. Viewer can close this ad.

How To become a successful youtuber

To become a successful youtuber, you have to follow below guidlines:-

1. Trending

Create video on trending topics as it is the way to know the interest of audience.

2. Set a Theme

This is a promo video at the start of your video in which you introduce yourself, your channel and summarize this video in short.

3. Keep Equipment

You should have high quality microphone to record audio, high graphic card to record HD video, latest cameras and a featured audio video editing tool to render video. Moreover, the environment in which you are recording video should be suitable. Better to dedicate on separate room as youtube studio.


Tips to increase views on your video

1. Interesting content

Your video content should be interesting. Before publish a video, you may get review of video from your friends. If they recommends, then upload it on your channel.

2. Make consistent content

It means main theme of all videos should be same as people like similar content in a channel.

3. Pay attention to the comments

Comments are very important as you can get future guidance from comments and create video according to the user’s interest.   

4. Link Videos

Create playlist of videos of same topic and link them. Once viewer have watched a video, the link of next video appears.

5. User interesting keywords

Your content should be relevant to the title and description of video and use ranking keywords as youtube rank video based on these keywords.

6. Attractive thumbnail

Use attractive and descriptive thumbnail for your video as it is the first, appears to user and if it catches user’s interest then user will definitely play the video.


Youtube Analytics

Analytics are very important as youtubers make future decisions based on analytics. Go to youtube studio and click on analytics. Here you can view complete analytics of your channel videos based on them you can make future decisions.

Youtube Advertising

Click on advertise to open youtube advertising. Click Start Now. Youtube will open google ads. Here follow four steps

Step 1:  Provide video link

Step 2: Fill video ad form

Step 3: Select budget for advertisement of video

Step 4: Choose target audience.   Better to follow recommended target audience by youtube.

Click Save and Continue and youtube will show next page where you have to provide your google ads account detail. You may create new account.

Google will extract detail of your googe ad account and billing information. Finally review ad and apply. Google will show your ad at top in SERP results based of user’s search query.

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