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How to add property to Google Search Console 

google search console

Google Search Console is used to track the activities of GoogleBots in your website. You should keep on checking the URLs indexing and fixing the crawl and index issues to increase your website visibility  

Why you need to add your website in Google Search Console (old name: Google webmaster tools)? 
You should know there are two types of actors interacts your website, they are user and crawler. To view user’s activities in your website, you have to register your website in Google Analytics. To understand activities of Google Crawler, first register your website in Google Search Console. Follow below simple steps to add your website.

Visit Google Search Console, login and click on Add Property 

There are two methods to add property:-
  • By Domain
  • By URL Prefix. 
What is difference between both methods? 

By Domain 

If you add your property by Domain, than following URLs will be added and available for google bots to crawl and index:-
  • All URLs across all subdomains of your domain  as www, blog, mobile
  • All URLs across http and https 
You don’t need to add website with http and https or with different subdomain separately. Adding property vis domain is a little complicated as it require DNS verification. 

DNS verification
Type your domain without protocol and subdomain as techilm.com and click on continue. 

add property by domain
Add property by domain

Copy TEXT and insert in the DNS record management of your domain registrar. 
  • Type website name in name 
  • Leave TTL as default 
  • Select Text from Type 
  • Insert copied TEXT in the record 
  • Click on Save Changes
In this way TEXt record will be added as below

dns verification
DNS verification

Now go back to Google Search Console and click on Verify. In most cases, your property will be verified with in no time. However, it may take up to 24 hours at most. 

By URL Prefix 

If you want to add property by URL Prefix, you have to provide a specific address of your website. If your website has different versions like http and https or different subdomain and you want to track each version independently than you have to add all versions separately. In this way, you will have all property versions registered. 

add property via url prefix
Add property by URL prefix

Type your website URL and click on continue. Google will provide you an html file in another popup window. You just have to download and place it at the root directory of your website. 

To do verification, you have four ways 
  • Html Tag 
  • Google Analytics 
  • Google Tag Manger 
  • Domain Name Provider 

Most common is by Html Tag. Expand html tag, copy meta tag code and insert in the head section before body tag in your webpage. 

verification by html tag
Html tag verification

Now click on verify. 

After registration your property, it may take few days to collect and show website tracking data so don’t worry and wait.

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