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Today I am going to tell you a new in-demand and highly paid skill that increase your earning to the next level. You can earn thousands of dollars per month after learning this advance skill. 

How to start online business?
How to make money fast?
What is easy ways to make money?

You will be thinking that I have no skills then how can I do this? 
Of course, you can. 

You just have a little awareness of internet and marketing. And , most important, is your interest, consistency and hardworking.
After reading this article from start to end, you will be confident to start online business without investment because you will learn most in-demand online skill.
This skill is Dropshipping. Don't worry if its a new term for you. This article will give you answers of all questions arising in your mind.
So lets start what dropshipping is!

What is Dropshipping? 

Dropshipping is a way to sell products of others and earn commission. 

what is dropshipping

Dropshipping Modal

How it is possible to sell product of others? Yes, its possible as there are many international companies who invite dropshippers to sell their products working from home online. Few top companies are
  • AliExpress (AliEx)
  • SaleHoo
  • Amazon dropshipping
  • Doba
  • Wholesale2B
  • MegaGoods
You need to have an online store. Don't worry, its very easy to create it. Top two platforms to create online store are:-

woocommerce vs shopify

Woo-commerce Vs Shopify


It is a plugin of WordPress CMS. You have to install WordPress and install WooCommerce plugin in it. Then by drag and drop different features, your store will be ready free of cost.


Shopify store is specially created for dropshippers. However, it is paid and you can choose any suitable package. You can create 14 days free trial store. 
Shopify is best store for dropshippers as products from AliExpress can be directly grabbed into your store. For this you need an application named Oberlo. It imports dropshipped products from AliExpress to your shopify store in a few clicks.

You can create woo-commerce or shopify store for dropshipping business and sell it on fiverr, upwork etc 
Your client will buy shopify package himself. You don’t need to buy it. You just have to provide him store. 

Now woocommerce vs shopify? You have to decide. Once you have an online woo-commerce or shopify store, then 
  • Select the name for your store
  • Buy a domain of same name from any domain registrar
  • Link you domain with store
  • You have done!
Now you are ready to start business. Below is dropshipping business modal.

Dropshipping Modal

  • Grab cheaper product from AliExpress 
  • Place it in your own online store at higher price 
  • Promote it by facebook ads or google ads
  • Get customers order and transfer same order to AliExpress store with delivery address of your customer 
  • AliExpress will deliver the product directly to your cutomer 
  • You will earn commission on product sale 

AliExpress does not show its name to the customer, rather it shows dropshipper’s name so that customer understand that the product is delivered from the same supplier he ordered. 

Dropshipping Step by Step Procedure

1. Product Hunting

It means how to select best items to dropship? Select winning product for dropshipping to generate sale and increase earning. 

best items to dropship

Best items to dropship

First you have to select your target countries.

Which countries you should target 

Normal delivery time of product may increase up to 3 months, however for countries having e-packet delivery, this time is much less as 15 to 20 days. 

Few countries are 
  • UK 
  • Spain
  • Neither Land 
  • France 
I am going to explain two top platforms of product hunting.

Product hunting by Facebook 

Search some sale drive keywords from your targeted countries like 
  • 50% off today
  • 50% off
  • Discount sale
In facebook, most dropshippers use such types of keywords to attract users as users want to get benefit from this limited time sale. 
Now select few products having more views in less time. Than shortlist the products having promotion on Facebook Ads Library as dropshippers promote those products which give more results.
Shortlist few products with different keywords.

Product hunting by compare product price

Select a product from Amazon having good reviews and sale and higher price.
Visit AliExpress and search same product. If its views are higher and price is low as compare to price at Amazon then this is your winning product.

You can make money to do product hunting 
  • For your clients 
  • Sell it on fiverr, upwork etc 
  • For your own dropshipping business 

Most favorite country for dropshipper is USA 

2. Place Products in your Store

Place shortlisted winning products in your online store with all details mentioned in AliExpress.

3. Promote Products

The two best advertising platforms are Facebook Ads and Google Shopping Ads.

facebook ads vs google ads

Facebook Ads vs Google Ads 

Google shopping is an online google service which helps users to search products from online websites and stores and compare prices of different suppliers. 
You can promote your product on google shopping as it takes ads from google ads directly. It shows search oriented products in SERP results. Show your product ads for only those search queries which can drive sales. 

Difference between Facebook Ads and Google Shopping Ads 

  1. Facebook ads are shown based upon the interest of viewers. However, google shopping ads are search oriented and are shown based upon user’s search intent. It means that google ads are more targeted and shown to only those users who want to buy. 
  2. To promote a product in facebook, you have to create your own ad. In case of google shopping ads, you just create a feed of your products in shopify store. Google shopping picks this list of products from shopify and shows product title, image and price in the form of ad in SERP paid results. Although its advantage that you don't need to create ads but there is also a drawback. Google shopping ads look similar so you cannot make your ad unique and attractive. Only price is differentiating factor. It means that viewing a list of similar product, user will buy the product having lower price. 
  3. In facebook ad you can set product price as per your choice. But in google shopping ads, you have to compete the product of other suppliers so you have to set your product price lower. 
  4. In google shopping you can view product price of your competitors in a list and can easily calculate the market price of your produce. In case of facebook, its very difficult to search the products price of your competitors so your product price may or may not be according to market requirement. 

Both facebook ads and google shopping ads have advantages and disadvantages. You cannot differentiate their conversion rate. 

4. Receive orders and Delivery

The next step is to receive orders on you store. You just have to transfer order to AliExpress with the address of customer. AliExpress will deliver the product directly to the end customers.


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