How NASA is launching next rover to Mars

    NASA is going to launch next rover to Mars. Objective of this mission to Mars is to identify, if it is hosted life. This rover is given name Perseverance. It contains instruments to look if ancient Martian microbes exists or not. It is also equipped with four boosters at its base to give extra boost required for initial climb and route it to Mars. However, to excavate samples and leave them on Mars is major goal of this mission so that they can be returned to Earth for study. 

mission to mars

    This rover looks like the Atlas V rocket. United Launch Alliance has made it and operating. Already four NASA missions have been completed by it. 

    Perseverance will take off from ULA’s launch site. This company has a two hours launch window so the Atlas V can take off up until 9:50AM ET if required. Capsule carrying Perseverance will take less then an hour to separate it from the Atlas V and begin its journey to Red Planet. Duration of this journey is approximately six and a half months to reach to Mars.

    In-spite of risk of hurricane on it track can cause landfall in Florida, Live Space Force’s 45th Space Wing accorded that there is 80% chance that conditions will be favorable to launch it on planned time.

    In case of failure of rocket launch on Thursday morning, it can be launched on every single day up until August 17th. However, NASA believes Perseverance gets off the ground this summer. Earth and Mars come closest to one another for two years orbiting around the Sun. So if NASA can’t launch this year, it will have to wait until 2022 to try again.

    For now, everything looks in favor of its launching. NASA’s will give live coverage at 7AM ET. 

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