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Google SEO Ranking Factors Part-5

google seo ranking factors 5

Google SEO Ranking Factors
(46 to 60)

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46. Ratio of dofollow and nofollow links

What are dofollow links

Dofollow links allow search engine crawler to follow the link. You want such links to be indexed by the google. It is written as
<a href="http://www.google.com" rel="dofollow">

What is nofollow link

These links don't allow search engines to follow.
Check internal and external dofollow and nofollow number of links at chrome extension SEOQuake. Google does not crawl no-follow links. Your website should have a maximum ratio of follow and no-follow links as 30 / 70 where 30 is no-follow links and 70 is follow links. 

47. Backlinks 

Links from other websites to your website are called backlinks. Keep on checking backlinks and if you find a spam / toxic backlink, remove it immediately. 

How to identify bad links 
Go to 
Moz.com -> Free SEO Tools -> Link Explorere -> Past spam / bad backlink URL here -> From left pan click Spam Score -> click Analyze. 
If it shows spam score 80% or above then it is bad link. You can get backlink checkers tool online.

How to remove bad links 
Google Disavow tool is part of Google Search Console (formerly Webmaster Tools) that allows websites to discontinue the value of an inbound link and helps to prevent against link-based penalties. 
Open disavow tool, give your website URL. It will show all backlinks, just select one, do some analysis and if it is bad link then create a txt file and past all bad/spam backlinks. Then provide this text file to disavow tool to remove all links in this file. 
Backlink deliver SEO value from back linking websites to your website. This value is equal to the back linking website’s value assigned by google. 
  • More the number of backlinks, more the value will be delivered 
  • Links from main content or from top of the page carry more value 
  • Relevancy of anchor text in backlinks carry more value 
  • Links from old websites deliver more value as compared to new website 
  • External link carry more value than internal links 
  • Untrusted links don’t carry value 
  • Links from frequently updated content carry more value 
  • Javascript link also carry value (google new feature)

48. Google E.A.T 

It stands for Expertise, Authority, Trust, a very strong new ranking factor introduced by google. Google understand your expertise so google wants you to write article relevant to your expertise and niche. EAT checks that if publish an article not related to your expertise, then google penalize you by decreasing your website ranking. 

49. Text to Html ratio 

You should keep on checking text to html ration of your website. Maintain it from 30% to 70%. 

50. Language 

You should mention language in your website even if there is only one language you website support as google consider it ranking factor. 

51. Faveicon 

When user open a website in browser, faveicon appears at the left side of title in browser tab. It make your website more attractive to user. You can use online tools to generate favicon icon. Keep favicon size smaller.

52. Keyword Difficulty 

It is the keyword competition on google search. It lies between 0-100. Higher the keyword difficulty, lesser the chance to rank on google SERP. Use keyword difficulty checker to to check keyword difficulty.

More relevant keyword mean less difficulty level and more chance to rank. 

53. Html validator / w3c validator

Check your website whether it follows Html standards or not at html validator. Validate html if already not following standards.

54. User Experience

If a website gives positive experience to users, google rank it. Google wants you to write content to benefit your users, not google. Your content should be easy to read, interesting,  organized, responsive design and useful content.

55. Accurate Content

Google rank the website having accurate content. So don't use inaccurate and fake content. Especially mathematical calculation should give accurate results.

56. Http Status Codes

You should keep eye on http status codes so that you can identify issues in time and fix them. These codes are the response from server to the client browser. These are three digits code.

Common status codes

200 (OK)
This code response from server means that response is normal and OK.

301 (Permanent Redirect)
This code means that the URL client browser is requesting is permanently redirected to another URL.

302 (Temporary Redirect)
This code tells temporary redirection from client requested URL to another URL.

404 (Not Found)
It means that the page or file client browser is requesting was not found by the server.

500 (Internal Server Error)
If server responds with this code, it means that client browser is not getting the requested response due to internal server error. There is no issue in your website.

503 (Service Unavailable)
This code means that server is not available may be due to maintenance or overloading and will be up soon.

Google 6 SEO ranking factors are Here.

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