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Google advanced search operators

google advanced search operators

For normal search query, google show the best results in SERP. To refine search query, google have provided a feature “Advanced Search”. 

Being SEO expert, you should know the following latest google advanced search operators and commands. 

1. Exact Word or phrase search 

For traditional search query, google returns all results containing the keywords mentioned in search query but not necessarily in that exact order. By enclosing the search query in double quotations, google search results containing the exact search query in the prescribed order. For example you search "how to optimize laptop". Google will show webpages in SERP containing these four keywords (how, to, optimize, laptop) anywhere in the webpage in any order or appear separately. 

On the other hand, by searching exact query as 
how to optimize laptop
google will show the results containing this exact query anywhere in the webpage. 

2. Minus - operator 

If you search "best way to earn money -online", google shows webpages in which keyword online does not appears after the "best way to earn money". Any webpage having this exact query (with online at the end) will not be appeared in SERP results. 

3. Site operator 

You can do searching from a specific site. For example, you want to search how to earn by blogging phrase from www.techilm.com, just type search query as 

how to earn by blogging site:techilm.com 

You can search all indexed webpages of a particular website using site operator as 


4. Allintitle 

Using allintitle operator with search phrase return webpages whose title contains every word of search query regardless of word order. For example 

allintitle:digital marketing course 

To match the exact search phrase, just enclose search query in double quotation as 

allintitle:”digital marketing course” 

5. Intitle 

This operator return results having few words of search phrase in titles. 

intitle:digital marketing course 

To match exact phrase in title, use quotation with phrase as 

intitle:”digital marketing course” 

6. Allinurl 

If you want to return the results in which all words of search query appear in URL (order is not necessarily same), then use this operator as 

allinurl:how to do seo 

Above query get results in all three words (digital, marketing, course) match in URL 

7. Inurl 

This operator gives results if few words of search phrase are matched with URL of webpage as 

inurl:how to do seo 

8. Allinanchor 

This operator is used to search webpages that have all query words in anchor text as 

allinanchor:top search engines 

All returned pages have these three words (top, search, engines) in the anchor text. Order of words is not necessary. 

9. Inanchor 

This operator finds the pages that have few words match with anchor text as 

inanchor:how to rank fiverr gig 

All results contain few words of above query in anchor text 

10. Allintext 

This operator help you to find pages having every word in text. 

allintext:what is seo 

11. Intext 

This is more global operator to find pages having any word anywhere in the page. 

intext:what is seo 

12. Inposttitle 

To do blog research, this operator is helpful to find blogs with given search words in the title 

inposttitle:website speed test 

13. Define 

This operator is used to find meaning of a term and display in SERP results.

14. Cache 

This operator is used to find the latest cache of a webpage. You can know the last crawled date of a webpage. 


15. Filetype / ext 

To find a specific filetype i.e txt, ppt, docs, pdf, php, html, asp this operator is used as 

learn seo online ext:pdf 


learn seo online filetype:pdf 

It will find all pdf file matching with learn seo online. 
You can also find pdf files from a particular domain as 

site:techilm.com filetype:pdf 

Similarly multiple filetypes can be searched using OR operator as 

site:moz.com ext:ppt OR ext:pdf 

You can use OR or |, AND or &. 

16. Find non-secure pages 

You can find all secure or non-secure page in a domain as 

site:techilm.com -inurl:https 

Above command will show all non-secure pages in domain techil.com 

17. Find duplicate content 

Using google advanced operators, you can find whether your webpage content, title, anchor text etc are unique or duplicate. For example below query will return all pages that have content matched with the given query. 

site:techilm.com "Use Google SERP features to improve CTR and website ranking"

Now again run the query with minus operator at beginning as 

-site:techilm.com "Use Google SERP features to improve CTR and website ranking"

It returns all results with matching query except techilm.com. Here you will know how many domains contains same content. 

Similarly you can find duplicate title using intitle operator, duplicate text using intext operator and duplicate url using inurl operator etc. 

18. Find site accepting guest post 

You can find all sites offering gust post by using compound query with multiple phrases as below query will return all sites offering guest post about technology and having matching title and url accordingly. 

technology intitle:"write for us" | inurl:"write-for-us" | inurl:"guest-post" | intitle:"guest post"

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