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In this tutorial, you will learn:-

  • How to translate a page
  • How to translate a website
  • Install google translate
  • Google translate app for mobile
  • Install google translate chrome extension

How do I use google translate offline

Google translate is a google product used to translate web page and text from one language to other as google translate english to hindi, google translate english to malay, google translate english to urdu etc.

You can easily install Google Translate extension in your chrome browser. Just follow below few steps:

Step 1
Open Google Chrome, click on top right icon and go to More Tools -> Extensions as below

install google translate app

Step 2
Open Main Menu at top left and click Open Chrome Web Store

install the google translate app

Step 3
Search extension Google Translate

install google translate extension

Step 4
Select Google Translate

install google translate chrome

Step 5
Hit Add to Chrome

google translate install chrome

Step 6
A popup box will appear. Hit Add Extension

download google translator for chrome

Google Translate will take few seconds to install.

How to translate webpage

Step 1
Click Google Translate icon to open and hit Extension Options

translate text

Step 2
Select the language in which you want to translate the web page

webpage translation

Step 3
Now load any web page like https://www.techilm.com, open google translate and hit TRANSLATE THIS PAGE

translate a page

Step 4
Web page will be translated into the selected language as here it it chinese language.

translate webpage

Translate Text

Open google translate, type any text and click on Translate.

Text will be translated as 

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