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gbwhatsapp 2020 pro

GBWhatsApp 2020

GBWhatsApp 2020 is an enhanced app having amazing new features based on WhatsApp plus 2020. It is very useful for those who want to use two Whatsapp accounts on one device. 

GB whatsapp 2020 new version download

Search its apk file from google and download gbwhatsapp latest version. Before installing, Installation from unknown sources should be enabled.

Now I will explain its cool new features one by one.

1. WhatsApp Aero plane Mode

A wifi symbol at the top is used to enable/disable this feature. When this mode is enabled then no message will be sent or received even with the internet. You can enable it from Setting -> Security Setting -> Unknown Sources.

Whatsapp dark mode aero

2. WhatsApp Dark Mode

Its symbol is moon. By taping it, home screen will switch to dark mode.

3. WhatsApp Search

You can search for any name or number to send a message.

4. How to Hide WhatsApp chat

To hide a contact chat, first select it then go to GBSetting from the top three dot lines and tap Hide Chat.

how to hide whatsapp chat

5. How to unhide WhatsApp chat

Tap WhatsApp at the top and select contact(s) you want to unhide chat. No go to GBSetting and tap Unhide Chat.

how to unhide whatsapp chat

6. How to hide WhatsApp Online Status

If you want to hide your online status, just go to GBSetting -> Privacy & Security and enable Freeze Last Seen option. Now nobody from your contacts will know that you are online.

how to hide whatsapp online status

7. Contacts Privacy Setting

Under Privacy and Setting, tap Contacts. A popup will appear containing few settings.
Here you can hide Blue Ticks, Second blue tick, blue microphone, typing, and recording. You can do it for contacts as well as groups.

contact privacy setting

8. WhatsApp Call Setting

Who can call you is now in your hand. You can enable or disable it in call setting.

whatsapp call setting

9. Disable Forwarded

Using this trick you can disallow others to forward messages to you.

whatsapp disabled forwarded

10. How to read deleted messages on WhatsApp

By enabling this feature, if others delete the messages sent to you, it is not deleted for you. You can view it.

How to read deleted messages on WhatsApp

11. How to hide View Status on Whatsapp 

You can use this feature to view the status of others without letting them know that you have viewed their status.

hide View Status on Whatsapp

12. Anti Delete Status

If you have enabled it then you can view the status even if others have deleted it.

anti-delete status

13. WhatsApp Lock

You can lock your WhatsApp with pattern / pin / fingerprint.

whatsapp lock

14. Theme

You can install a new theme, load the theme from your gallery, or delete saved themes.

whatsapp theme

15. Universal

Here you can set colors, styles (font, icons etc), hide media from the gallery, and backup and restore.

whatsapp universal setting

16. WhatApp Auto Reply Message

You can set auto-reply which will be sent to the caller in case you are busy.

17. WhatApp Download Status

You can download the status of others.

18. DND Mode

If you are busy watching video or calling and getting messages are irritating for you, you can enable DND mode to get rid of such disturbance.

19. Read Deleted Messages

By enabling the Anti-Revoke feature from GBSetting, you can read deleted messages.

20. Upload large Image/Video 

You can upload large image/video up to 50MB. Size is adjustable.

whatsapp upload large image video

21. Enable Always Online 

If this feature is enabled, You will always be shown online to others, even if you are offline.

whatsapp enable always online


  1. I use the WhatsApp Aero app, cause it has lots of amazing features...

  2. If you need the latest version of this app, download from here now.


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