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Browser Chrome Settings

chrome settings

Chrome History

Like other browser, google chrome saves your search history. However, you can disable chrome history. You can also view search history and clear history in chrome.

Clear History in Chrome

You can select from last hour, day, month, year or all searches to clear search history chrome. Moreover, you can delete history one by one by checking checkboxes. The steps to delete search history is same for mobile and desktop.

Steps How to clear History

1.     Open chrome, hit chrome icon at top right corner. Hover mouse over History. Another window will be opened at left side. Just click on History. Or you can press Ctrl + h from keyboard. 

clear history

2.    To clear google search history one by one, hit three dots against each visited link and click on Remove from History

clear history one by one

3.    To delete google history based on your selection, check the checkbox with each visited link and click on Delete.

clear history based on selection

4.    To delete all searches, click on Clear browsing data. Now select from last hour, last day, last week last month or all time and click on Clear data.

clear history based on time range

What is Cache in Browser

Browser cache is the memory to keep information of visited sites on internet. Browser keep images, video and other files so that it can use these files to load web page faster.

Show me my Browsing History

Hit chrome icon at top right corner. Hover mouse over More Tools and click on Clear browsing data. Or press Ctrl + Shift + Del at once.

show me my browsing history

How to Clear Cache in Chrome

Select Time Range, check Cached Images and Files and click on clear data. All cache of selective time range will be cleared. You can clear other data like download history, passwords, autofill chrome or site chrome settings.

how to clear cache in chrome

Browser Cookie Settings

Also called HTTP cookie / internet cookie or web cookie. It is small data stored by browser like google chrome in user’s computer while browsing web page. Each time browser sends request to the server for a webpage, its related cookies are sent along with http request so that server can know about its client.

You can enable or disable cookie in browser.

How to enable cookie on chrome

1.    At top right corner, hit chrome icon and click on chrome Settings

chrome settings

2.    Under Privacy and Security, click Cookies and other site data

how to enable cookie on chrome

3.    Here you can enable or disable cookies. To enable, select Allow all Cookies. To disable, select Block all Cookies.

how to enable cookie on chrome

How to Clear Cookies

1.    Hit chrome icon at top right corner and click on Settings. Under Privacy and Security, click Clear browsing data.

how to clear cookies

2.    Under Basic tab, uncheck all except Cookies and other site data. Now click on clear data

how to clear cookies

What is Pop up Blocker

Pop up is a small window appeared suddenly in front of google chrome. By default, chrome blocks such pop ups.

How to disable pop up blocker

1.    Go to browser Settings by clicking on chrome icon at top right corner. Under Privacy and Security, click on Site Settings.

disable pop up blocker

2.    Scroll down and click on Pop-ups and and redirects.

how to disable pop up blocker

3.    Now click on red highlighted button to enable or disable pop op blocker. You can view two parts: Allow and Block. You can add site(s) in allow part to allow popup blocker for that sites. Similarly you can add site(s) in block part to disable pop up blocker for that sites.

allow block pop up blocker

How to enable Javascript

1.    Go to chrome setting, Privacy and Security and click on Site Settings. Now scroll down and click on Javascript.

how to enable javascript

2.    Like pop up blocker, you can enable or disable javascript.

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