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Google fundamental of digital marketing - Google free certification

Are you interested to become a Google Certified in Digital Marketing totally free?

Are you willing to start your career with Google as a digital marketer?

Now Google has made it so easy and 100% free.


Google is now offering a Free Digital Marketing Course. So avail this great opportunity for all of you to learn from Google and get a certification.

Google has designed online courses for you to grow your business or career.

The big advantage of this course is that you will get the latest tricks and techniques of digital marketing from google.

The motivation for digital marketing is that according to Digital Marketing Institute, in 2020 a total of 150000 digital jobs were created, and to complete these jobs, digital professionals were not enough.

So dive in. Don’t look here and there, shake hand with Google and grab this amazing opportunity!

This course will change your life and in the end, you would have a number of skills to monetize.

To understand this course in a true spirit, you should have a basic knowledge of this domain.

About this Course

  • The name of this course is “Fundamentals of Digital Marketing”.
  • It contains 26 modules created by google trainers.
  • Full of practical exercises to turn your knowledge into action.
  • The time duration is 40 hours.
  • The most important is that “It is totally FREE

Why get certified by Google

  • Your client will definitely hire you once view your Google Certificate
  • You can include it in your CV to apply for a job
  • It increases the chance of getting a job
  • It will make your career bright

How it works

You have to complete all 26 modules with a quiz test. You would be given access to video tutorials and study material for preparation.

In the end, you have to appear in the final exam of 40 questions to get certified.
Now share your certificate proudly on social media and increase your community.

26 Modules

All modules are given below

Module 1:

the online opportunity module 1

  • An introduction to digital garage
  • Digital opportunities around you

Module 2:

first step in online success module 2

  • Your online goals
  • How to market your online presence?
  • How to build your online presence?
  • How to Analyse and adapt?

Module 3:

build your web presence module 3

  • How websites work?
  • What are key website ingredients?
  • How and when to change your online presence?
  • Websites and your business goals
  • How to make your website user friendly?
  • Do’s and don’ts of Website design

Module 4:

plan your online strategy module 4

  • What are the benefits of an online strategy?
  • How to take your business online?
  • Understanding customer behavior
  • How to compete and stand out in the market?
  • How to improve business performance?

Module 5:

getting started with search engine module 5

  • Search engine introduction
  • How search engines work online?
  • How search engines see the web?
  • What is organic search?
  • What is paid search?
  • Introduction to Google search console

Module 6:

getting discovered with search engine module 6

  • Introduction to search engine optimization (SEO)
  • The importance of an SEO plan
  • The SEO process
  • How to find and choose top ranking keywords?
  • How to set realistic SEO goals?

Module 7:

make search work for you module 7

  • How to make web pages search friendly?
  • How other websites can work for you?
  • Cross borders with SEO

Module 8:

be notified with search ads module 8

  • Introduction to search engine marketing (SEM)
  • How SEM auction is performed?
  • What makes a good keyword?
  • How to make your ads stand out?

Module 9:

improve your search campaign module 9

  • Achieve relevance with good structure
  • How to exploit keywords
  • Fine-tune with keyword match types
  • How to identify good and bad keywords for your business?

Module 10:

get notified locally module 10

  • What is local marketing and how to perform it?
  • Local directories power

Module 11:

help people nearby find you module 11

  • Using digital marketing to advertise locally
  • Reaching locals on their mobiles
  • SEO for local businesses using google my business

Module 12:

get notified with  social media module 12

  • Social media basics
  • The top social Medias
  • How to set goals for social media?
  • Social media presence

Module 13:

deep dive into social media module 13

  • The long-term social media plan
  • How to advertise on social media?
  • How to measure success in social media?
  • How to avoid social media pitfalls?

Module 14:

discover the possibilities of mobile module 14

  • Mobile devices and digital marketing
  • Understanding mobile apps
  • Understanding mobile web and mobile apps

Module 15:

make mobile work for you module 15

  • Introduction for advertising on mobile
  • Search campaigns for mobile
  • Video for mobile
  • Display campaigns for mobile
  • Social media campaigns for mobile

Module 16:

get started with content marketing module 16

  • Intro to content marketing
  • Know your online customers
  • Choosing the right content format
  • Writing for online audiences
  • How to boost your content?
  • How to measure success in content marketing

Module 17:

connect through email module 17

  • Email marketing basics
  • Email marketing options
  • Crafting great marketing emails
  • Email campaigns
  • Measure success in email marketing

Module 18:

advertise on other websites module 18

  • What is display advertising?
  • Difference between display advertising and search advertising?
  • The ins and outs of display advertising

Module 19:

deep dive into display advertising module 19

  • What display ads meet your goals?
  • What are ad networks?
  • How retargeting works?

Module 20:

video marketing module 20

  • Video marketing
  • How video fits into your online strategy?
  • Creating video content within your budget
  • Video promotion and sharing
  • Advertising on video sharing sites
  • Measuring video performance

Module 21:

get started with analytics module 21

  • What is web analytics (Google Analytics)?
  • Making web analytics work for you
  • How to track goals with web analytics

Module 22:

find success with analytics module 22

  • Web analytics and organic search
  • Tools to measure search engine marketing
  • Breaking down your data for insights

Module 23:

turn data into insight module 23

  • Understand audiences by data
  • Understanding the Data Cycle
  • Use data to create actionable insights
  • Presenting data effectively
  • Managing numbers using spreadsheets

Module 24:

build online shop module 24

  • Using an e-commerce store to sell your products and services
  • How to manage orders and take payments

Module 25:

sell online module 25

  • Creating a smooth e-commerce experience
  • How to promote and merchandise your products
  • Retargeting for e-commerce

Module 26:

expand your business across border module 26

  • Introduction to international marketing (export / import)
  • Validating your new market
  • How to advertise across borders?
  • Being understood abroad
  • The support systems you will need
  • Sell your products to foreign customers
  • Delivering to customers globally

Skills you will learn

After successful completion of this course, you will get the following skills:
  • Display advertisement
  • Business strategies
  • Content marketing
  • Data insights and analytics
  • Local marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Mobile marketing
  • Search engine marketing (SEM)
  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Social media marketing
  • Web optimization
  • Video marketing on YouTube
  • Ecommerce

Success Stories

Over 300000 people are digital marketing certified from Google and earning handsome revenue.

so don't waste your time. Register and enroll yourself at Google Digital Garage today.

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