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How can I make money by Blogging?
What are the best ways of earning by Blogging?

monetize your blog

Monetize the impressive traffic and quality content of your blog

If you have a blog with valuable content and an impressive amount of traffic and you want to make money then you are at right place. Of course, you can monetize your blog by running ads of different ads pasting platform.
Top 3 ad networks are Google Adsense, Infolinks and Media.net.

Google Adsense

It is most common and easiest method to earn by blog is by placing ads in your blog. The most popular ad placing network is Google Adsense. 

google adsense

You have to signup in google adsense, set up auto ads and ad units for your blog with it. If your blog fulfills the eligibility criteria of google adsense then google adsense will start add placing in your blog according to the type of content. Before signup, make sure that your blog meet the following requirements of adsense:-

Adsense basic eligibility criteria
  • You can signup in adsense if you are at least 18 years old
  • Your blog must have unique, user interested and valuable content
  • You blog should comply with adsense policies.

Adsense Types of Ads
Following types of adsense ads you can show in your site:

Text Ads
This ad consist of title, short description and link (in green color). Text ads can be displayed in google SERP results before organic results and also in your website / blog.

Display Ads
This ad is displayed in your website as graphics. Display ads can be categorized in horizontal and vertical.
Horizontal ads are 
  • Banner ad (Size: 468 * 60)
  • Large leader board (Size: 970 * 90)
Vertical ads are 
  • Skyscraper ads(Size: 120 * 600), 
  • Wide skyscraper (size: 160 * 600), 
  • Square ads(size: 250 * 250), 
  • Small square ads (size: 200 * 200) 

Rich Media Ads
This ad can be in image or video format.

Link Unit
These ads are shown as hyperlinked keywords. Each link bring user to a new page.


It is the second largest ad pasting platform after google adsense. Infolinks ads are shown as hyperlink of keywords. If use hover the mouse over the link, a popup window containing ad appear. The more the ad view by users, the more the money will be earned.

Infolinks offer following types of ads

This ad is shown on right and left side of page in empty margins.

It is shown at the footer of page. This ad is SEO friendly as it is shown to user according to user search query.

InText ads are placed between content by hyperlinking a specific relevant keyword. On mouse hover, ad appears as popup.

Infolink highlight a number of relevant keywords with links. When user hover mouse over these keywords, inTag ad will appears. Each keyword display a separate relevant ad.

You can use infolinks and google adsense both in your site. Signup in infolinks website and start ads pasting.


It is third largest network of ad publishing platform. It is a contextual advertising network. Contextual ads are displayed based on the relevancy of page content so such ads focus the targeted audience that's why it is rapidly growing and becoming more attractive for ad publishers. 

Affiliate Marketing

Amazon affiliate program is one of the best affiliate marketing platform. What is affiliate marketing?
There are two ways to sell products in world, one is directly sell it to customers and other is to sell product of others to customers and earn commission, this is affiliate marketing. In this digital era, you can make agreement with affiliate program offering companies like Amazon to promote and sell their products and get agreed commission.

affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is to join an affiliate marketing program, promote its selected products and get commission 

For this, you should have a blog / website relevant to the amazon's products you want to promote. Before product selection, first check its commission and relevancy to your site. 
Other popular affiliate marketing platforms are ClickBank, ShareASale, Awin, FlexOffers. 

Sponsored Post

Sponsored post is another way to make money. PayPerPost and Sponsored Reviews are two main plateforms for sponsored posts.

Guest Posting

Guest posting OR Guest blogging is to write high quality articles and sell them. Here you get two rewards, one is in the form of money and other is to
generate backlinks for your website. 


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